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Airbak Backpacks

Even though technology seems to be shrinking everything from laptops to cameras, it still seems that the load we have to carry around is getting heavier and heavier. And as I get older, my ability to just sling a bag over my shoulder and head out is rapidly diminishing.

About a year ago I broke down and purchased a backpack that has compartments for my camera gear as well as a laptop. Overall this works pretty well and makes it easier to lug my equipment from one location to another. But it’s still cumbersome and doesn’t take long before I am feeling the strain.

That’s why I was very interested and excited to check out one of the backpacks from Airbak.

Airbak has developed backpacks that feature a unique system known as Air Bladder technology which causes the majority of weight in the backpack to be lifted off the upper back/shoulders and spread it across the entirety of the back.

It’s a very clever design, and one that work quite well. I picked up the Airbak Focus which has enough room for my camera and several weighty lenses along with a compartment for my laptop. When I put the backpack on my back I immediately noticed that the weight was much more evenly distributed than my previous backpack. The air bladder system actually seems to make the backpack full of gear weigh less, which is due to how it distributes the weight. I even reloaded my old backpack with the same gear put it on for comparison.

And the backpack is very well made. The stitching is strong and the materials are the same you would find in any of the other name brand bags you find in stores today.

Airback offers a wide variety of sizes and styles on their Web site and each bag comes with limited lifetime warranty, so it would appear they’re serious in their commitment to quality.

  1. The best bags in the market my whole family has them and all my friends why have a bag thaqt hurts you. Airbak will make th ebag feel like half the weight .