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The VerteX™ In Action

Last May I told you about The PRESSlite VerteX™, a unique light modifier that has the ability to give you a greater level of control over the light flow from your swivel-head flash.

Well, today I have an actual sample of the device in hand.

It’s pretty slick. It basically fits on the end of a swivel flash and by adjusting two versatile little panels you can easily and quickly diffuse or redirect light in a variety of ways.

These are some sample shots that my co-worker Luis was kind enough to let me take.

This is full flash

As expected, the subject is brightly illuminated, perhaps even harshly so. But check out what happens when I move the VereX into place and use the white panels to diffuse and bounce the light onto the subject

Far less harsh but maybe no bright enough. One quick flip and I diffuse 50% of the flash and project the other 50 using the mirror side

You start to see the possibilities. The VerteX lets you use your flash in a number of ways that can really let you fine tune how you light your subject. By taking the above and just fine tuning the angles a bit more this was the final result

I don’t claim to be a skilled user of flash in my photography, but I like the results.

Check out the Presslite Web site for 3D demos of all of the devices capabilities. They offer some really interesting demos and some real life applications for the VerteX.

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