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It’s time to take USB Flash/Thumb drives to the next level and U3 is doing just that.

U3 enables flash drives to become portable desktops. Using their technology many brands of flash drives are now marketing U3 style devices.

I had the opportunity to check out the Kingston U3 Data Traveler.

It’s easy to install, just place the drive in your USB slot Plug and Play does the rest.

Imagine being able to take your own music player and music, your own games and your own applications with you on the road without having to lug your own computer. Any workstation becomes YOUR workstation.

How many times have you been on the road and ducked into an Internt cafe or been visiting your relatives and had to struggle with their computer configurations?

And the beauty of U3 is that you leave no trace behind. No cached passwords or web history, no e-mail or even instant message remnants. It’s all self contained and fits in you pocket.

The Kingston U3 Data Traveler comes pre-installed with Firefox, Thunderbird and many other applications. You can download additional U3 smart applications from www.u3.com.

Sadly, U3 is not yet supported on Unix/Macintosh computers as of this writing.

  1. Or, you can do it for free on ANY hardware you want (USB flash drive, iPod, whatev) with the apps over at PortableApps.com or PortableFreeware.com.