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The Slanket

Just last week I was introduced to The Slanket. Not since the invention of the electric blanket has there been a more exciting development in blanket technology.

The Slanket is a Gigantic fleece blanket with loose, over-sized sleeves so you never feel constricted and you have total control of how to use them, while staying toasty. The Slanket is made of a thick and warm 310 gsm fleece that feels very soft on the skin. The Slanket is great on a couch, a chair, in a hammock, on your bed or anywhere else you care to take it.

The true test of The Slanket was giving it to my wife, Cynthia, to try out. She appreciates nothing more than being warm and comfortable. Here you can see her wrapped snugly in her new Slanket as she surfs the web shopping her favorite website, amazon.com.


She’s having no trouble at all spending our life savings on books as she remains comfy and cozy with her Slanket.

The Slanket is not a poncho or a sweatshirt or anything like that. It’s simply a well made blanket with sleeves. The sleeves enable you to keep warm while reading, playing your new Wii or Sony Playstation or just casually flipping through the TV channels using your remote.


Machine washable, durable and oh so comfortable.
Cynthia says she cannot imagine life without it and refuses to give it back to me.

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