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BarretTime for 2007.05.02

If you’re sporting any mac hardware running OS ten, you might want to fire
up the Software Update Utility to download and install the QuickTime
update that became available today. QuickTime 7.1.6 includes numerous bug
fixes, including a critical security issue with QuickTime for Java. The
download is a little over 45 megs, so if you’re not on a broadband
connection, you’ll want to kick this one off before bedtime.

This Friday is the first Friday of the month, meaning that it is once
again time for the Technology Bytes Geek Gathering. Jay Lee and crew will
be on hand at our not so new home of Tropioca tea and coffee to drink
drinks, pick at the occasional pizza and weigh in on all things techy.
Free WiFi is available for fast fact checking and the Tropioca staff will
be on hand to deliver all the balls you could possibly want. 2808 Milam
at Drew is where you want to be starting around 7:00 this Friday.

After the geek gathering, I’ll be heading down the street to catch Junkie
XL, who has been working under the moniker of JXL on a large number of
console and PC games here in the US since leaving his home in The
Netherlands in 2002. In addition to his remixes that have found their way
into the mass media, such as his remix of Elvis Presley’s A Little Less
Conversation that found itself in an ad for the 2002 World Cup, his video
game credits include the theme music for The Sims 2: NightLife and the
entire soundtrack for the XBox game Forza Motorsport. His song “Today”
was featured as one of Burnout Legends’ EA Trax. There are also 2 tracks
remixed by Junkie XL found on the Need for Speed: Carbon soundtrack. His
works was also included in the videogame Test Drive 5. JXL is responsible
for the SSX Blur original soundtrack, Blur being Electronic Arts’
snowboarding game for the Wii. He’ll be at 6400 Richmond this Friday
night doing live remixing of whatever he feels like playing. My Cylon
girlfriend will be opening up the show around 10:30, with Junkie going on
sometime after midnight. You can hit www.junkiexl.com for details.
That’s junkie with an IE.

The Houston Linux Users Group is having the first of their two monthly
meetings this Saturday form two to four at the Hal-PC headquarters near
610 and San Felipe. While the information on this Saturday’s presentation
is a little sparse, the meeting scheduled for the fourth Saturday of the
month will be a data backup seminar. More information will follow in the
next couple of weeks, but for now, put May 26th on your calendar and hit
www.hlug.org for details.

That’s it for your Friday Night Geek Goings-On and that’s that for

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