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I’ll be the first to say it, I am not a writer. I’m probably just a halfway decent blogger, if that. When I first got my gig at Houstonist it wasn’t to write a tech piece. It was to pick the Photo of the Day. I told everyone that I wasn’t a writer and I was just gonna pick pictures and write a sentence or two and that’s pretty much what I do. Sometimes I don’t even do that very good, but the photos definitely make up for it. Somewhere along the way I started to write this tech piece. I cull news from all over that has Houston/Technology/Internet angle and I put it all together like a glorified and glamorized link! That’s what it is! It’s just a glorified and glamorized link. Heh, that’s not so bad now, you don’t really have to be a writer to make glorified links. Enjoy these glorified and glamorized links in this month’s Tech Buzz over at Houstonist.


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