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Podcast 7-11-2007

Jay was out of town on business for this episode, so the inmates were running the asylum and Peter was in the studio. We had a phone in interview with Matt Richtel, author of the technology thriller Hooked and also Erica O’Grady as an in-studio guest talking about social media, barcamp, startupcamp and Wordcamp.

  1. Another good show, though not as wacky as the other show when Jay was out.

    Good thing Matt Richtel’s book comes as an audio book so I can listen to it while surfing, checking my email, or maybe even while playing Heroes Of Might and Magic 5 with the music off and the action effects down low.

    My PC will be the last thing I pack for my move and the first thing I setup. The thought of going a whole 6-8 days w/o being online is scary. I may have to locate an internet cafe for a quick fix if I can’t make the big Geek Gathering. Maybe there’s still time to buy a cheap laptop. How will I be able to sleep? I should have bought more time with Budget Rental so I could rewire the truck with a power inverter to run my desktop and 19″ LCD monitor. Youtube and Tech Bytes at 55 MPH, yeah!

    I really need to get back to packing, well after the show.