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Podcast 8-2-2007

Tonight marks the return of Jay! Yay! But then Peter got sick and had to miss the show… awww.

  1. I just started to listen to the podcast, and was tring to find a link to your theme song. And now you are going to change it? please post the details for the song.
    not sure what it is, but the song reminds me of the old Tom Baker Dr. Who theme.
    only on my second episode but love the banter to break up the tech talk.

  2. The song (“Buddy Holly”) was originally performed by Weezer and I believe the strange midi/moog version is performed by Drop Trio.

  3. the theme song, as putz said, is a cover of the song “buddy holly” by weezer. however, the moog version for our show intro comes from the self-titled album by the moog cookbook. (an album by the band of moog/electronic covers of popular 90’s alt rock songs.) we used to have an mp3 copy of it around somewhere on the site i think, but i’m not sure where it is now. as far as drop trio and the song — they did do a cover of the cover at the 10th anniversary party (and perhaps the 11th as well…i don’t recall).