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These days it seems that external hard drives are more plentiful, more capable and more affordable than ever before.

Scratch that, it doesn’t seem that way at all. It’s a fact of life.

You can find desktop style external hard drives capable of near terabyte capacity for rock bottom prices all the way down to lightweight, USB powered models for computer users on the go for prices that go beyond affordable.

So how do you make something that gets noticed in this market? Simpletech might have the answer with their new portable USB drive.


Sleek in design and rich in features the SimpleDrive Portable Hard Drive has some real sex appeal. And it’s no wonder, the look and feel of the drive was designed by none other than Pininfarina, the same design firm responsible for making Ferrari’s so desirable.

But don’t let the pretty face fool you, this device has what it takes to make it a real contender in the portable, external drive market. 5400 rpm drive speed, hot-swappable USB 2.0, one touch backup software and drive capacity ranging from 60-250 gigabytes of storage.

Easy to use and very handy for all your portable drive needs.

Simpletech also has desktop models available utilizing 7200 rpm drives with capacity all the way up to one full terabyte.

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