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This Saturday, September 19th, the Houston Area Apple Users Group will host a talk by Apple’s Dreaux St. Marie on OS Ten dot Six, aka Snow Leopard. This month’s meeting will be held at the Bellaire Civic Center, located at 7008 South Rice Avenue in Bellaire, Texas.

Special Interest Group Meetings run from nine AM to two PM, with a break at eleven for the main presentation.

One SIG name worth mentioning is the Green Apples SIG for new Macintosh users who have switched from another Operating System or who have never used a computer before. Hit www.haaug.org for details and directions.

And not this weekend, but the next, is the Houston TechFest at the University of Houston. TechFest is more of a tech conference than a tech show. Meaning that if you attend in hopes that booth babes will be showing off the hottest new tech gear, you’re setting yourself up for some serious disappointment. The point of this event is to confer with other people in the tech industry. So unless you find automated builds and continious integration sexy, this may not be the show for you.
If you do fancy those things, there’s plenty more where that comes from. There will be Test Driven Development, Practical Inversion of Control and a track called Making Productivity a Priority from President to Peon. If any of this floats your boat, you’ll want to head over to www.houstontechfest.com for details and registration information. (Registration is free, by the way.)

The Houston TechFest takes place on Saturday, September 26th at the University Center at the University of Houston. Registration and check-in starts at eight am, with the keynote taking place at nine.

And if you’re a Houston Web Developer or Designer, then there’s a meetup for you, too. The Houston Web Design Meetup Group will be getting together for the fourty eighth time this coming Tuesday,

September 22nd. The group devotes itself to all thing web. Interactive activities with a good chance to learn and participate are halmarks of the groups’s meetings.

This month’s meeting gets started at seven PM. If you attend, you’re invited to bring your laptop, as attendees will getting a chance to work with 960 Grid and Blueprint, two popular CSS frameworks. You can find details on the meetup at meetup.com slash web design dash seven seven.

And finally, there are those that say you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to get a leg up on the crew of Technology Bytes. Well, according to HAL-PC, you just have to wake up early enough to attend the 9:30 AM PC Upgrade and Trouble Shooting SIG at the HAL-PC Headquarters this Friday morning. www.hal-pc.org for details and directions.

That’s it for this week’s wakeup call and that’s that for BarretTime.

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