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Jay’s wife Cynthia wrote this for us and we’d like to share it with everyone

An original poem by Cynthia Lee

T’was the Night before Christmas, in Technology house
No computers were active, not even a mouse.
Virtual stockings were hung by a flat screen display
In hopes that Santa Geek would be arriving next day.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
Their I-Pods with earphones plugged into their heads.
The poor little dears, their thumbs were all sore
Texting wish lists to Santa is really a chore!
And mama and papa their knuckles were popping
From a couple straight weeks of non-stop online shopping.
Mom and Dad contemplated their mountain of debt
As they went to turn on their new electric blanket
But just as the couple had turned off the light,
A loud sonic warning rang out through the night.
The security system and electronic guard
Activated motion detectors outside in the yard.
Papa looked out the window, and what should appear
A stealth hover-sleigh with eight robotic reindeer!
Papa looked at the driver, and knew with a peek
That it was none other than old Santa Geek !
Like a fast data transfer, the robots they came
And he used voice control to activate them by name !
On Hacker ! On Blogger ! On Twitter ! he roared
And up to the rooftop the hover-sleigh soared.
And then down the chimney he came with a bound
And he stood in the living room, looking around.
He was dressed in a raggedy DEFCON t-shirt
With old Cheetos stains and sweat stains and some dirt.
And his glasses had tape to hold them on straight
And each of his socks was missing its mate.
He had a round face, and broad belly I fear
(Too many late nights eating pizza and beer!)
And he spoke not a word, but pulled out his geek phone.
Downloaded an app, customized a ring tone.
Then he filled all the stockings with e-cards and toys
And Playstations and notebooks, flat screens and Gameboys
And raising a finger, and picking his nose
And checking his e-mail, up the chimney he rose.
Then he sprang to his sleigh, with its digital drives
Activated the robots, and started to rise
But he paused, just a moment, with a tear in his eye
And took just a moment, to understand why
Christmas just isn’t like what it was before
All the elves have been outsourced to Bangalore
And all of the Wish lists are now digitized
You get just what you want and there is no surprise.
And “Naughty” and “Nice” is a concept outdated
While old-fashioned values remain under-rated.
But time marches on, and though these times seem strange.
Digital or Analog, some things never change.
And I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all, from Technology Bytes !

  1. Love the names of the robotic reindeer! =)