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All right. Since Jay Lee is *Jay* Leaving us after next week, we’re going to be on our own when it comes to keeping this show running. We’ve jokingly referred to ourselves as a number of other shows, often following the “I was driving through Houston” lead-in. I’m thinking that maybe we go in a different direction for more than the regular short-drive duration, just while Jay is out, just to see how it works. So, rather than try to hash out a new format at the start of next week’s show, I figured we could take a look at it now. It also allows Jay to have a bit of a say in things. Not that we’re going to take his advice…

So… What if we changed it up a little and instead of talking about computers, we talked about old cars, pickup trucks, mustangs and vintage Vespas. We could call it Truck Talk. All of our answers could be, “paint it black”.

Ok. What if we did the whole show using nothing but barking dogs, doorbells, ringing phones and chatty teenagers? We could still take calls, but only from Skype users who are still on dial-up.

What if we went with a more topical slash temporal approach? Like a weekly review of what happened in the world of technology? We could sit on inflatable exercise balls to strengthen our cores and maybe call it something like That Week in Technology. Oh! And we could have Dwight Silverman on the show as a guest!

What if I play the part of a fiery redhead in a relationship with someone who photographs bands. Unless Groove wants to forgo photography and take up Big Band direction… We could get into silly situations with our next door neighbors, Dwight and phliKtid Mertz.


What if we all ditch the knickers next week and mod our website to allow for sponsors as well as a ton of ads? We could call it the All Commando Show. No one in the studio is running a dress rehearsal right now, are they? Ok. Good.

OK – last pitch. what if we got all of our prison mail together, read it on air again, and then followed up with talk about cops, courts, jails, prisons, probation, parole, and just life in general? Can we go to prison for stealing Ray Hill’s show?

I’m all for queueing up two hours of Nyan Cat and calling it a night.

I guess it really comes down trying to do a normal show and making a decision now as to who gets to say, “And he’s…” before Groovehouse says Groovehouse.

Also, who’s going to be responsible in case the show tanks. I call “Not It!”

We’ll miss you Jay, but for now:

That’s it for I Love This Commando In TruckTech and that’s that for BarretTime.

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