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  1. I listened to your show on WRFI Ithaca, on Feb 17, and have a few comments.

    First, I noticed that you often refer to Google searches, when you mean Internet searches. Thousands of tablet computers on the market today provide Bing as a default search engine. Perhaps you could refer to internet searches as just that, internet searches. Google may not be around forever! Or is Google paying you for all that free advertising?

    I was also surprised by your rather lackadaisical reaction to the massive data gathering being done by our government (you didn’t even know that Utah is going to be a major location for this data). No mention of invasion of privacy on your part, and you commented that most of this data will be used for marketing. Do you mean that our government is collecting marketing data to sell us something? Or will our tax dollars be used to collect data, for private corporations, by our government? Huh?

    One of your colleagues made some remarks during your discussion of 7/10-digit telephone numbers, including referring to the 9-digit keypad on phones, ATM’s, keyboards. He mentioned that this keypad is now found on all the phone in the Western world? I haven’t heard the term “Western world” used in decades! What type of keypad would there be on “Eastern world” phones? Didn’t you know that we have a global economy?

    You also mentioned that you were too old for the government to have any data of interest about you, and told some stories about your photos being “stolen”, as well as a story about someone whose avatar was stolen on a dating site. You referred to her as a “girl”. Shouldn’t someone old enough to use a dating site be referred to as a “woman”?

    Your friend also told a story of an ad shown in India, portraying a woman with a casserole, who is white and blonde. He commented that this woman was a housewife. Your buddy needs to know that we stopped assuming that women who cook were housewives in the 1970’s.


    New York

  2. I guess she told you! LOL!

    Don’t sweat the haters. Google is more fun to say than “Internet Searches”

  3. Congrats on the NY syndication! You guys rock!

  4. Bing is too little too late, M$ needs to just die already. 🙂

  5. man, veronique. you really need to call into the show and let those guys know what’s what. especially that “buddy” who thinks all women who cook are housewives! does that guy think he’s living in the 50’s or something? geez! maybe he watches too much _mad_men_ on tv. it’s hilarious they seem to use culturally accepted terms and ideas instead of choosing the higher ground that would prove they are enlightened – maybe it’s just because they are a bunch of hicks with computers from Texas.

  6. Queue up the Microsoft black helicopters with Ride of the Valkyries! You’ve been Binged. Resistance is futile.

  7. To quote from Wikipedia: In the contemporary cultural meaning, the Western world includes Europe, as well as many countries of European colonial origin with majority European populations in the Americas and Oceania, such as the United States of America, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

    The referenced “Western World” dial pad was created in the US and found its way to countries that the US shared technology with immediately after World War II. For the most part, the tech spread to the North and the South and made the leap to Western Europe and Australia. China and much of the “East” were not initially included in this group, thus their early dial pads were developed differently. To continue with the Chinese example, it wasn’t until somewhat recently (with the advent of mobile phones) that China adopted what is now a more “International” dial pad. Also, the term that you hadn’t heard in decades was being applied to a time period decades ago.

  8. The term “Internet Searches” as Veronica uses it is a bit of a misnomer, as there is much more to the Internet than the World Wide Web. “Web Searches” may be a better choice in this context, though I would rather know what specific tool someone used rather than hear the abstracted term. When Google is no longer the best search engine for the tasks the co-hosts perform, I’m confident that they will no longer use the offending term.

    As an aside, Wikipedia has the following to say about the use of Google as a verb: It can also be used as a general term for searching the internet using any search engine, not just Google.

  9. I’m offended by the use of Wikipedia in two consecutive posts. Please realize that there is more to the Web than Wikipedia.

  10. Please stop picking on Veronica.