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Podcast For April 16, 2014

  1. Enjoyed the show. As to the Style word processor app, a trip in the Wayback machine may not be required. I downloaded both versions of the app from the website and installed them in my 2003 ppc iMac running OS10.4(Tiger) in the Classic Environment(OS9 emulation). I didn’t try to put it to the ultimate test, but it opens up and seems to run. And, by the way, when Apple replaced the G4 chip in desktops with the G5 chip, their publicity referred to the new G5 chip as the result of collaboration with IBM. Just to be thorough, the G5 ran too hot and demanded too much power to be used in laptops. It is rumored that this failure led Apple to make the move to Intel.

  2. Wayback 2. Just tried out the version of Style designated for OS 10. It runs in Tiger and not on the Intel iMac that is my main machine. It is confusing that the OS 10 version has an OS9 appearance. It does run.