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Technology Bytes Radio is undergoing some changes. We lost Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle and have picked up Lee Hutchinson from Ars Technica.

As we approach our 20th year of broadcasting here in Houston and to the world via the WWW we are taking the show in a new direction. Rather than focusing on online tech support, we’re engaging in more of a round table discussion on all things technical and geeky. Listeners are still encouraged to call in and join the conversation.

This is new territory for us but I am enthused about the future of the program.

With the help of our new co-host, along with veterans Peter Hughes, Barrett Canon, phliKtid and GrooveHouse, I am confident that we can bring something interesting and informative to the Houston airwaves and the global audience of the Internet.

I, along with my stalwart crew, invite you to tune in and check out Technology Bytes as we make our way into 2015 with this new vision. We’re going to have some fun and I think you might have some fun along with us.

And don’t forget the monthly geek gathering. A 12 year tradition that is still going strong.

  1. Wow, I knew Lee when he was a wee storage admin ;). If you want to ralk converged infrastructure, I’ll be glad to sit in!

  2. I’ve heard a couple of shows in the new direction and really enjoyed them! Lee is a great addition to the crew. Also, the off-the-cuff discussions of technology topics has always been a fun part of the show, so I’m glad you are expanding that part.