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WiFi devices will soon talk to each other before they connect

Mozilla Firefox temporarily blocks Flash by default

Because landlines are dying, VoIP providers must sell 24-hour batteries

Jade Helm Special report (parody)


Bite of the Apple

Apple Constraining iPod, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air Inventory Sent to Third-Party Retailers

Apple Launches A8-Based iPod Touch With 8MP Camera, Adds New Nano and Shuffle Colors

Sketchy Report Claims No New iPad Air in 2015, One Last iPad Mini


Try Buy or Fry

ProxyHAM now Unavailable

Pete mentioned this a few weeks ago. The official DEF CON statement is as follows: “Right now, there isn’t much information being made public about the proxyham talk cancellation. What statements there are indicate that development of the product is halted, current stock is being destroyed and the source and documentation are not going to be made available. If more information becomes available, we’ll share whatever we can.”

Comcast’s 2Gbps internet costs $300 per month with huge install fees

A $200 privacy device has been killed, and no one knows why

Commodore Pet!

New Commodore Smart Phone complete with a C64 emulator

Titan MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

SanDisk reveals SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick flash drive


Weird Science

Boeing patents laser-powered fusion-fission jet engine (that’s truly impossible)

Happy 120th birthday, Bucky Fuller!

Large Hadron Collider discovers new pentaquark particle

Pluto New Horizons mission: what happens next?

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