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‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Style Review Events Are Part Of The Problem

Why Patent Trolls Go to East Texas

Facebook ‘Spam King’ pleads guilty after sending more than 27 million messages

A Peek Inside Mr. Robot’s Toolbox

GoGo receives FAA clearance for 70Mbps in-flight technology, hopes to deploy units later this year

mr. robot too current and real, postpones tonight’s finale


Bite of the Apple

Best Buy CEO announces Apple Watch will be available in all locations, cites other Apple-specific improvements

Apple initiates repair program to address blurry iPhone 6 Plus camera issue

Adobe will introduce a new Photoshop for iOS this October


Try Buy or Fry

Build your own Computer Control Panel

Sometimes, the best DIY projects are about excess. Which is exactly what Reddit user smashcuts went for in his computer control panel that controls everything from music to app launching. The control panel does all sorts of useful things alongside its ridiculous posturing. It can launch apps, control volume, change screen preferences, and more. It’s built using a ton of switches and LEDs, powered by an Arduino and a bunch of USB controllers. As absurd and complex as it is, it’s still surprisingly functiona

MIT’s Multi-Material 3-D Printer Isn’t Crazy-Expensive

Locked In: Behind the Scenes of the Escape Room Craze

All nine hours of The Hobbit’s extended trilogy will hit theaters in October



Weird Science

This concrete dome home survived a wall of flames without a scorch mark

Reprogramming Cancer Cells Back to Normal Cells

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