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net neutrality court win

fcc wins the latest court round regarding net neutrality. escalation re-match almost certain. (phliKtid)

Executive says Facebook will be all video, no text in 5 years

Huge FBI facial recognition database falls short on privacy and accuracy, auditor says

They’re at it again: Senate panel votes to weaken net neutrality rules

Thousands of Hacked Government and Corporate Servers Selling for $6 on Black Market

Hack Brief: Russia’s Breach of the DNC Is About More Than Trump’s Dirt

Critical Adobe Flash bug under active attack currently has no patch


Bite of the Apple

MacOS Sierra First Impressions: What It’s Like to Use Siri on a Mac

Apple Is Building An Uberplatform Out Of All Its Platforms

iOS 10 update could make millions of iPads obsolete upon release

New file system spotted in macOS Sierra 


Try Buy or Fry


‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is a vast, open-world game

The Apollo 7 earbuds finally bring you true, cable-free music

Innovative table has embedded tech to cook, warm & chill food, all in one surface

Microsoft: Xbox One mouse and keyboard support is “months away”

The FDA just approved a weight-loss device that is super gross


Weird Science

Molecules in space may show how life formed on Earth

LIGO Has Detected Gravitational Waves for the Second Time

NASA’s room in space has expanded, but will it prove durable?

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